The Stove Selector from Contura

What is the Stove Selector and how can I use it

The Stoveselector is an interactive guide which help you find the right wood burning stove from Contura. The information from your choices will not be saved.

What kind of person are you?

You may start by choosing between a few pictures that tell a little about how you are and what style you have. The information helps us create a selection of stoves that might suit you

Positioning the stove

In the next step, choose how you want to place the wood burning stove in your room. Our stoves can be placed against a wall, in a corner or center of the room.

Fire visibility

How much do you want to see of the fire? Our wood burning stoves are always equipped with a big frontglass. If you want to see even more of the fire, we have several wood burners with generous side glass which allows you to see the fire from (nearly) every angle.

Contura stoves made in sweden

Contura Wood Burning Stoves

Contura is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe of woodburners och stove products.